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Products Liability & Defective Product Claims in Charleston

Our West Virginia lawyers advocate for consumer rights

The Calwell Practice, LC aims to reveal the truth surrounding our clients’ cases. For more than three decades, we have exposed the negligent actions of numerous corporations that have put profit before the health and safety of consumers. By holding corporations accountable for producing defective products, we fight for justice and help to make your home, office, streets and the environment safer as we seek to recover damages for the injury or illness you sustained.

Holding corporations responsible for their products

Many corporations lack transparency and refuse to disclose the content of their products or admit to problems they encounter. Unfortunately, because medical professionals may not realize the correlation between these products and specific diseases, many consumers are left with distressing and puzzling questions regarding why they fell ill and how they can recover.

Our Charleston lawyers help you find the answers and give you hope. We conduct thorough investigations to identify hidden or unobvious causes of diseases. We often uncover defective product designing, manufacturing or marketing procedures that injured our clients. Consult with our attorneys to understand more about:

  • Diseases and disorders — Our law firm often takes the challenging cases that other firms decline. We take pride in helping clients with mysterious illnesses identify unexpected causes linked to chemicals, pesticides, harmful drugs or defective products.
  • Chemical diseases Chemicals to which you are exposed every day can cause serious medical conditions affecting your skin and your central nervous, renal, reproductive, immune and hepatic systems.
  • Pesticide diseases — The pesticides that kill insects can also damage your health. These toxins have been proven to be particularly harmful to children.
  • Dangerous drugs — It is an alarming fact that the FDA does not recall drugs until they have injured or killed patients. In addition, some pharmaceutical companies may be more concerned with profits than with health. Our law firm stands with you in believing that the medical problems you suffer due to unsafe drugs are an unfair consequence of unacceptable practices, and we fight with you for justice.
  • Defective automobile parts — We can discover if shoddy workmanship contributed to your injuries. Our lawyers pursue manufacturers who produce defective auto parts that contribute to car, bus, truck, and motorcycle or ATV accidents in individual and class-action suits.
  • Contaminated construction products — Your home may have been built with toxic dry-wall, insulation, piping, pressure-treated wood, paint, solvents and other materials that contain mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, carbon tetrachloride, methylene chloride, vinyl chloride, PCBs and VOCs. These contaminated construction products have been linked to several serious diseases.
  • Consumer products — With more of our consumer products coming from foreign countries such as China that  have less stringent manufacturing requirements, we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the number of poorly designed, toxic and otherwise dangerous products on store shelves, and thus a larger proportion of this type of case. If you suffered an injury because of an unsafe consumer product, put our experience to work for you to recover damages.

Consult our Charleston product liability attorneys about injuries suffered due to defective products

For more information about filing a product liability claim, call The Calwell Practice at 304.400.6558 or contact our West Virginia law firm online to schedule an appointment.