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Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Representing bikers throughout the state

Motorcyclists have the right to drive on the highway. Unfortunately, other drivers often refuse to share the road. Motor vehicle drivers’ speeding, tailgating and other careless actions put bikers at high risk of accidents. The Calwell Practice, LC supports bikers’ rights to ride safely. When injuries do occur, our lawyers are determined to recover the compensation you deserve from the negligent drivers.

Tips for riding safety

Motorcycles provide more than a means of transportation — they inspire a sense of freedom and control. However, they do not provide the same protections as a car. Bikes lack the seatbelts, airbags and sturdy body structure of automobiles that would absorb the impact and keep riders from being thrown. Nonetheless, you can take important steps to protect yourself by wearing special gear designed to minimize injuries in case of an accident. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s “Fool’s Gear Cool Gear” campaign recommends the following safety gear:

  • Helmet to reduce risk of head injury
  • Face shield to keep debris from flying into your eyes and face
  • Abrasion-resistant long-sleeved jacket and long pants to prevent skin injuries
  • Gloves to control the bike and protect your hands
  • High boots with sturdy tread to protect your ankles and provide stability when you stop
  • Reflective colors to increase visibility to other drivers

West Virginia helmet law

West Virginia passed a universal helmet law in 1971 that requires all drivers and passengers on a motorcycle to wear a helmet. Although not everybody agrees with the statutes, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report that helmets save lives.

How we help motorcycle crash victims

No matter how many precautions you take and how safely you drive, you can still become the victim of an accident when others act recklessly. Do not delay in consulting our law firm if you are injured in a motorcycle accident. Our attorneys immediately conduct a thorough investigation of your case while evidence is fresh. Also you must file your lawsuit within West Virginia’s statute of limitations or you forfeit your rights to compensation.

In addition to our dedicated personal injury lawyers, you have access to countless top-notch experts, including medical doctors, accident reconstructionists and traffic engineers, when you hire our firm. Our longstanding relationships with them help us build your case and provide compelling testimony if your lawsuit proceeds to trial.

Consult our lawyers about representing you in your motorcycle accident case

For more information about recovering damages after a motorcycle accident, call The Calwell Practice in Charleston at 304.400.6558 or contact our law firm online to schedule an appointment.